Talent Attraction and Urban Development

What kind of place-features are able to attract Talent to a given location? Talent attraction is a major topic for both regional and urban development on one hand and firms' strategy on the other. Existing literature has explored several economic drivers of talent development in specific places, but we still know very little about non-market driven mechanisms that may attract and retain talent to certain locations.

My research in this field addresses the deeper relationship between individuals (with a focus on higly skilled and creative individuals) and the city/place where they live. A recent paper resulted from this research is titled: "The Urban Experience Revisited: A model of City satisfaction"; in this work I explore the social and psychological mechanisms that lead to city satisfaction, attachment, and engagement. This line of research is conducted in collaboration with professor Denise Rousseau.

Pubblicato il 26/5/2010 alle 12.46 nella rubrica research.

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