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“Management and organizations”, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. This is a core course that adresses all the basic topics in managing organizations: from organizational design and some classic organizational behavior topics like leadership and motivation, to strategic management and topics such as building a competitive advantage and analyzing competition through industry analysis. The course balances theory, case studies and simulations.

"Organizational Design", Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. This is an elective course specifically focused on organizational design and structure (job design, organizational structures,  etc.).


“Organization and leadership in a changing context", Luiss School of Government, Rome. This is an elective course designed for the Master in International Public Affairs (MIPA). It addresses the main issues related to leadership and motivation, with particular focus on creative and innovative contexts. Managing and leading creative people, as well as inspiring innovative behavior often imply specific skills and leadership style. The course focuses on how to recognize, analyze and address these leadership challenges. 


Executive Education

"Strategy in the Public Sector", IESE Business School.This is a two days intensive program on strategic analysis in the public sector tailored for high level government officials, diplomats and administrators. To learn more about it: 

I also teach various types of ad-hoc programs for business executives and public officials. Programs are designed on an "ad-hoc" basis and range from two or three days courses, to  lectures, seminars or key note speeches for public and company events. The main 

topics covered are: competing in the creative economy; attracting and managing talent; creative cities and regions; building creative and innovative environments. Clients range from public organizations such as development agencies, regional governments and ministries, to companies such as Telecom Italia, Microsoft, Unisys, Eli Lilly,Micron Technologies.

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About me
Irene Tinagli is a assistant professor at the University Carlos III in Madrid, where she teaches Management and Organizations and conducts research on innovation policies and regional development.

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