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Europe in search of fresh blood
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The aging of the European population, recently confirmed by Eurostat, doesn't just mean that it will be necessary to finance more retirements; it also implies a ,strong>shortage of competent, motivated young people, so necessary for a smoothly running economy. This is why Europe must create an environment capable of attracting young talent to the continent, concludes Italian economist Irene Tinagli.

Irene Tinagli, La Stampa, Aug. 6th 2010

What effect will these diminishing demographics have on Europe's future? Many research centres have been exploring this question for quite some time. The birth rate has continued to slow in a number of countries, and the economic crisis has diminished the influx of migrating job-seekers, now unable to fill the widening gap. The main fear, especially for political leaders, is that an entity like Europe, with a population of barely a half-billion inhabitants, will lose its global influence in the face of countries like China and India, whose populations both top one billion.
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Irene Tinagli is a assistant professor at the University Carlos III in Madrid, where she teaches Management and Organizations and conducts research on innovation policies and regional development.

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