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Technology and Innovation Management
My main interest in this field of research is the management of innovation and R&D productivity in high tech industries and, in particular, in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

The research conducted so far focuses on the managerial choices that take place in the various stages of product development. In particular, it looks at the choice to "fail" or terminate less promosing projects early in the development process. Selection and failure decisions are important aspects of resources allocation processes, and have critical impact on the effectiveness and productivity of R&D.

This research resulted in a working paper titled "Success and failures: an analysis of R&D productivity in the Pharmaceutical industry". My studies and work in this area are conducted under the supervision of professor Ashish Arora.

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About me
Irene Tinagli is a assistant professor at the University Carlos III in Madrid, where she teaches Management and Organizations and conducts research on innovation policies and regional development.

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